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Phase 2 ongoing.

Phase 2 – This longitudinal study aims to explain the phenomenon of dropout among young Quebec referees aged 14 to 20 during the two years following their initial training. More specifically, its objectives are:

  • examine the trajectories of young referees during the first two years following their initial training;
  • to identify the differences between the trajectories of young referees who drop out and those who do not, according to the factors (constraints) of the conceptual framework retained;
  • to determine whether and to what degree the violence experienced explains the dropout;
  • to understand the experience of youth referees who drop out during this period. 

Researchers: Sylvie Parent, Inger Eliasson, Sophie Meunier, Tom Webb

Phase 1 – This project will develop an understanding of young officials’ experiences of violence by exploring (1) their experiences of violence during their involvement as officials and (2) the impact of these experiences on their lives and involvement as officials (completed, see report).

Researchers: Sylvie Parent, Julie Fortier

Link to project page :