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Projects as principal investigator

Collaborative projects

Building evidence for safeguarding children from interpersonal violence in sport

Information to come

From heterocisnormative victimization to empowerment: Pathways to empowering sexual minority in Canada

Principal Investigator: Martin Blais


Developing athlete wellness: creating an environment conducive to achieving personal and athletic excellence

Principal Investigator: Véronique Boudreault

Impacts of sport participation on adolescents (IPSA)

Date: 2019-2022
Principal Investigator: Jacinthe Dion

Implementation and effectiveness of a sexual assault prevention program for female students in a university setting: Are the settings ready and is the program effective when multiple risk factors are present? (EAAA)

Date: 2019-2023
Principal investigator: Isabelle Daigneault

EAAA Website:

Social well-being, empowerment, and resilience in the face of adversity (SWERV)

Date: 2017-2019
Principal investigator: Martin Blais

SWERV Website: